Hello Friends!

We are the husband and wife team behind SouthSide Strength & Conditioning. Back in 2017 we converted our garage into a gym and slowly had neighbors and friends showing up daily to learn how to work the barbell and get their first pull-up. Our numbers grew and over time, the idea to create a larger gym space for our community was born. SouthSide Strength & Conditioning officially opened its doors in July of 2018.  For 3 years we built up our gym community and made some dear friends. In August of 2021 we met a great guy named Dave McMullan who had dreams of owning his own gym. We felt that it was time for us to pivot and sell our gym to Dave. We knew he would love it like we did and take care of the community we had built and grown to love. CrossFit Empyrean (@crossfit_empyrean) opened its doors September 1, 2021. We are so grateful the brick and mortar gym lives on. Please reach out to Dave through his FB page or Instagram for more information if you are looking for an awesome gym to join.

As for us, well, through years of coaching we noticed a specific theme that seemed to come up weekly in our conversations with our members. Many were committed to daily workouts but struggled significantly when it came to their nutrition. Many wanted and needed someone to help them understand the components of food (macronutrients) and wanted accountability to help them stick to their goals. This was the catalyst to our pivot in business; SouthSide Health and Wellness was born. Here we provide an online course format where people can receive instruction through video on macronutrient counting and the mechanics of sustainable eating patterns for life. We cover how to set your macro numbers to compliment your specific goals (lose fat, maintain, or build muscle) and how to navigate some of the mental blocks that we saw over and over in our gym. We blend teachings from our faith and our experiences as entrepreneurs and coaches to teach how our bodies have been divinely designed to be healthy. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints we know that nurturing our body, mind, and spirit daily are key for us in becoming the people we want to be and creating the life we want to live.  We are releasing our program spring of 2022. Click here and send us an email if you would like more information and to be first to know when we release the course.

Whether you're new to the fitness world or a seasoned athlete, you will find something here to challenge and inspire you. Let us help you reach your goals. 

Questions? Please reach out. We would love to hear from you.