Strength to Weight Ratio

Feb 9, 2021
Strength to Weight ratio, or SWR, isn’t about how much weight you can move. It’s about relative strength. (Relative meaning: In relation or in proportion to something else.)  Your strength is in relation (or proportion) to your body weight.

How does this work? It’s really quite simple. Take the amount of weight you can lift on a specific lift and divide that by your body weight. This gives you your SWR. The higher the  SWR number the better.


175 lb man deadlifts 350 lbs. 350 divided by 175= 2
215 lb man deadlifts 375 lbs. 375 divided by 215= 1.7

The lighter man is stronger in the deadlift. SWRs will be different for various lifts and muscle groups. You may have someone who has a high SWR for the bench press but has a much lower SWR for a squat or deadlift. This can show us if there is an imbalance between the upper and lower body and can also be a reflection of your emphasis in training.

So next time you’re lifting with someone, don’t get caught up in how much they might be lifting. SWRs are a great measuring stick for your own personal growth and change. If you’re a member of our gym, go pull up your numbers in the SugarWod app and start doing a little math to see where you’re at. Then as the weeks go by, check back at your SWR number and see if it’s increasing.

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